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What You Should Be Eating While Driving on a Road Trip


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Multitasking is hard enough on its own, but eating while driving is in a whole different league. A sticky league. A crumbly league. Lucky for you, backseat driver and columnist Alex Beggs has answers to all of your questions about food in the car (and there were a lot of them).

How far should the passenger go in helping the driver eat? —Drew’s Clearly Driving
It’s never too far to feed the driver, especially when there are nuggets in need of a dip in honey mustard. As the passenger I’ll do whatever it takes to keep both those hands on the wheel. Another nugget?

Is it okay to spit my cherry pits out the window? —Jeez, Jess
Depends which direction the wind is blowing, but why not spit ’em into an old McDonald’s cup like it’s a spittoon and you’re a hardened brothel madam who’s seen things she can’t unsee? That’s my go-to persona when eating cherries. Then dump the pit cup in the garbage at the gas station— they take forever to decompose.

Illustration by Zak Tebbal

Am I the only one eating sushi with chopsticks while driving? —Musing Margaret
You’re not! It’s compact, bite-size, and the soy sauce splatter blends perfectly with synthetic leather interiors.

Is it acceptable to peel and eat hard-boiled eggs while driving? Asking for a friend. —Frowned Upon Fern
No. Danger. Peel the egg before you go and eat it then too so you can sprinkle fresh salt on every bite. I love car food, but sometimes I wonder if our delusions of efficiency begin to cloud the simple joys of reality. Eat that cold, wobbly egg like you should, over the kitchen sink. You don’t always have to be multitasking.

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