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What is a Crossbite? And How Can You Correct It


If your teeth alignment is not correct, you might be diagnosed with a Crossbite. Crossbite is a condition in which one or more top teeth are located behind the bottom. This condition can cause other problems, such as difficulty chewing, biting, or digesting food properly. There are treatments that can be used to treat this issue for anyone, regardless of age, so they can eat normally without pain.

An underbite, which is similar to a crossbite, is a dental condition. These two conditions are known as dental malocclusion. Crossbite and underbite are different because they affect a specific group of teeth while the latter affects all. The dental professionals can offer a variety of solutions to help with misaligned and pain. Continue reading to learn more about the condition and how to fix it.

What does crossbite actually mean?

If one or more of the lower teeth on your upper tooth covers the lower one, you have a crossbite. If your jaws align with each other when you close your eyes, then you have healthy dental conditions. However, if your teeth don’t fit over each other on closing…

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