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Welcome – May 2023

Welcome – May 2023

Om Yoga Magazine
Welcome – May 2023


We are pleased to present our May edition.

This month we have everything you need for inspiration on and off your mat. From yoga sequences and insights to healthy recipes and travel ideas, and even some new cool yoga gear to give you an extra boost.

The sheer variety of yoga styles is one of the best things about it. You can try out some of the new styles in this issue. You’ll find everything here, from SUP Yoga to Menopause Yoga.

The 2023 OM Yoga Show will be held at London’s Alexandra Palace in October. It’s time to buy those tickets!The OM Yoga Awards will be held at the Alexandra Palace in London, and are a must-attend event.

This time, read all about Adam and Holly Husler, who’ll be teaching at the show – and do check out their fab Honestly Unbalanced podcast, which contains interviews with incredible yoga people who’ve dedicated their life to improving yours. Catch them both at this show!

You’ll also find teaching tips, essential self-care advice, and spiritual wisdom. Or, just relax.

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