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Understanding Clinical NLP: Its Real-World Applications

Understanding Clinical NLP: Its Real-World Applications

Ever wonder how technology can make a difference to the healthcare industry? From electronic health records to virtual doctor appointments, there’s no denying that the In recent years, the medical landscape has undergone a significant evolution.. Clinical Natural Language Processing, or NLP for short, is one of this area’s most exciting developments.

Clinical NLP can revolutionize the way we interpret and utilize this massive amount of data.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what Clinical NLP is and explore its wide range of use cases in the medical field.

What is Medical/Clinical NLP?

Medical or Clinical NLP is also known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the healthcare domain. It uses AI, machine-learning, and language processing to analyze and interpret large medical datasets. This innovative technology makes sense of clinical documents such as Electronic Health Records and Clinical Notes.

In NLP a model can be trained with large amounts of data. Clinical NLP is a training method that uses medical data as the source of its training.The model is able to understand healthcare-related text and conversations. This allows…

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