Home News This anti-Tesla Super Bowl advertisement features a striking visual

This anti-Tesla Super Bowl advertisement features a striking visual


Tesla’s Super Bowl advertisement features it! But it’s not encouraging viewers buy an electric vehicle.

Contrary to popular belief, the 30-second spot was actually created by one of the company’s greatest critics. The commercial Tesla’s Full Self-Driving to be Completely Banned from Public Roads

The advertisement was created by Dawn ProjectDan O’Dowd founded the organization ‘Make computers safe for all’. O’Dowd’s team has had its eyes on Elon Musk’s Tesla for a while. Already put millions Many millions of dollars were spent on efforts to ban Full Self-Driving technology from roads.

The Dawn Project’s Super Bowl advertisement features several clips showing Tesla’s autopilot failing to stop in time for children-sized test dummies crossing roads, disregarding signs, and going into the wrong lane. The Super Bowl ad will be aired in Washington DC and other major metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas. 

Tesla does not advertise in traditional media, so it doesn’t usually run TV spots. O’Dowd’s Super Bowl ad highlighting Tesla’s car flaws might be people’s first impression of Tesla. This is a key point…

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