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The Patient Journey Tech Stack: Ten Pharma Predictions for 2023


Yishai Knobel, Co-Founder & CEO of RxWare

Market Access teams are now faced with more complex demands. These include innovative therapies that target smaller populations, and higher-than-average payers and PBMs. 

Drug manufacturers are now taking notice. The IQVIA Institute reports that prescription abandonment has reached 27 percent in specialty drugs, which amounts to $76 billion annually. Manufacturers are now focusing on the nuanced and complex patient journey to recover lost revenue. 

Manufacturers are now taking control of their patient-support technology stack. Many have come to the realization that patient-support technologies cannot and should not be left to one-off vendors. After a series of 2-to-3-year cycles in which manufacturers switched hub or copay service providers, many learned this lesson the hard way. This required them to decouple mission-critical systems and rewire with the new vendor.

Drug manufacturers switched back and forth between out-sourcing and in-sourcing parts during the years preceding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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