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The Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: An In-depth Guide



Most people take medication on a weekly basis. Whether it’s the paracetamol you take for a headache or your daily contraceptive pill, we don’t often think of where that tablet has come from.

However, in reality, there’s an entire team of researchers and manufacturers that allow that product to get from the lab into your hands. The FDA approves approximately 50 new drugs each year in the US.

What does the future hold in this important manufacturing industry? Here are some of the changes that we can expect in pharmaceutical manufacturing: changes in work style, increased technology use, and more.

1. More Outsourcing


In a world where healthcare professions require increasing levels of expertise, it’s harder for companies to find the right staff for particular projects.

What’s more, healthcare companies don’t want to hire a whole new team of employees just for one manufacturing project.

The solution? Outsourcing. Companies are increasingly outsourcing pharmaceutical production to other companies that offer services like aseptic liquid filling and bioconjugation.

These services are outsourced, which streamlines the process and…

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