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TechMed 3D launches new processing software


TechMed 3D, a provider of software measuring solutions for the human body, has launched SNAP by TechMed. This mobile automatic processing software for human body 3D acquisition and measurement will give clinicians access to clean scans within minutes. 

This 100% mobile solution allows users to scan, visualise and obtain measurements for plantar surface (this tool only targets insoles for the moment). Once processed they can export their files directly from their iPhone in one simple step, creating an efficient experience. 

The new technology from SNAP will make custom insoles possible with two scanning modes: plantar surface and foam boxes, allowing for more data in a single scan within seconds. This makes manual methods obsolete and saves both time and money for users. 

TechMed 3D has also integrated other accurate features which will save users time with minimal input by enabling automatic measurements and file reconstruction directly on the iPhone. Like MSoft+, the file is reconstructed automatically on the device and basic automatic measurements can be easily obtained. 

Users can also purchase their scans directly from the app. They will now be able to scan and obtain ready-to-use 3D scans without having to close the app. This avoids visiting TechMed’s website to purchase tokens. After completing the scan, users can upload their file or tap to view measurements to unlock the in-app purchase. They can then complete the purchase and enjoy getting the scan’s data in one place. 

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