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SEPC announces this year’s Vorhees Vision Scholarship recipients


The Southeast Produce Council BB #:191194 has announced this year’s Vorhees Vision Scholarship recipients.

The Vorhees Vision Scholarship is a scholarship that recognizes young people who have a genuine entrepreneurial spirit and are pursuing their education goals. The scholarship was named after Terry L. Vorhees who was the founder and first Executive Director at the Southeast Produce Council. The Southeast Produce Council is today a leading resource in the produce sector thanks to his vision and tireless efforts.

All SEPC Scholarships will be awarded to those who meet the criteria. This means that they must have a grandparent or parent who is a corporate SEPC member in good standing. They also need to have attended at least one SEPC conference within the last 12 months.

One $7,500 scholarship will be awarded to the Vorhees vision Scholarship’s 1st Place recipient. The 1st place winner will receive a $1500 scholarship and the 2nd place recipient a $1,000 scholarship. All applicants must be high school seniors, or sophomores in college.

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