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See the Crazy Ebay Price or Make Your Own


In late May, the Internet nearly blew up upon seeing the latest Oreo collab. In case you missed it, this was a sweet-n-savory mashup that paired regular Oreos with Ritz crackers and peanut butter.

The product was released in limited quantities on May 26 (free with $3.95 shipping fee), immediately sold out, and regular folks like you were left with two options if you wanted a taste: Make your own or pay auction price — which was $600 on Ebay recently.

Oreo & Ritz

It’s possible that the parent company of both products, Mendelez International, will do it again. Or will offer other creative collaborations; they also own Chips Ahoy, Triscuits, Tate’s Bake Shop, Sour Patch Kids, Wheat Thins, and Toblerone. Can you think up a mashup worth doing with any of these products?

Meantime, we leave you with this video of @alexawhatsfordinner making her own Oreo-Ritz goodness on Instagram.

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