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Peak of the Market makes changes to sales staff – Produce Blue Book


peak of the market sales changes

Tuesday, September 6 — Peak of the Market BB #:385653 is pleased to announce important changes to our sales team.

Dave Whitmore is adjusting his attention to provide leadership and direction for the overall business and has assumed the role of Vice President Product & Business Development. Dave’s valued expertise will be focused on future opportunities for Peak.

Ryan French has assumed the role of Vice President Sales. Ryan has proven to be a solid asset to the organization and is looking forward to continuing to contribute to the future growth and development of Peak of the Market Ltd. in his new role.

Matt Matheson has joined Peak of the Market as Director of Sales. Matt has a significant background in various sales roles and brings a unique perspective to Peak. His 15 years of dynamic experience in consumer-packaged goods environments has allowed him to lead top performing sales teams in highly competitive markets.

“These changes are essential to our growth. While Dave has been in the industry for many years, his knowledge and relationships will ensure that these changes are implemented smoothly and will allow him to focus on the future of Peak. In just a short period of time, Ryan has proven to be an integral part of our team. His contribution to our culture as well as our sales force are what set him apart. Matt brings a breadth of experience that we need at this time. He is in an innovative thinker, has deep knowledge of the retail landscape and brings an enthusiasm to our team which will contribute to the culture we are creating,” Pamela Kolochuk, CEO, Peak of the Market Ltd. said.

Ryan can be reached at:

Ryan French
Vice President Sales
Direct: 204.594.0155
Mobile: 204.791.2009
Email: ryan.french@peakmarket.com


Matt can be reached at:
Matt Matheson
Director of Sales
Direct: 204.594.1424
Mobile: 431.338.1519
Email: matt.matheson@peakmarket.com

For more information:
Pamela Kolochuk, CEO, Peak of the Market Ltd.
email: pam@peakmarket.com
direct: 204.632.5823

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