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OpenAI is reportedly testing ChatGPT Pro. We know what the paid version looks like.


ChatGPT is free to use — but a pro version priced at $42 a month is reportedly being trialed.

Nearly 30% of professionals have a degree in professional work. ChatGPT used at workAccording to Fishbowl’s latest poll, this is the most popular answer. Fishbowl covers workplace trends. We are using the AI chatbot Dating apps allow you to message other people; to write essays for school; create malwareYou can find out more. The company may pay millions per month to users so they don’t have any to pay.

Rumours are circulating that OpenAI (the company that owns ChatGPT) is trying to monetize the new success. The company offered early access to ChatGPT Professional, a product that allows users to send unlimited number of messages up to twice the normal daily limit.

OpenAI sent a ChatGPT Pro earlier in the month: WaitlistChatGPT users should be asked what ChatGPT is most used for and how much money they think ChatGPT would cost them.

“If you are selected, we’ll reach out to you to set up a…

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