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NASA rover finds a large meteorite on Mars


NASA’s Curiosity rover has spent more than a decade exploring Mars. Now, it is used to solo exploration of the Red Planet.

It encountered another foreign visitor last week as its 3,724th Martian day rumbling across Mount Sharp. This was a meteorite measuring one foot in width.

NASA is calling the space rock Cacao. It’s one of only a few meteorites Curiosity has found since its 2012 arrival on Mars. Curiosity took a selfie using its Mast Camera to show its new find Jan. 27, with its Johnny-5-like shadow creating the frame. The selfie [see below] Because it actually contains six images, the edges are ragged.

“There’s no way to date these,” NASA said through its anthropomorphized Curiosity account Follow us on Twitter. “But it could be here millions of year!”


An enormous Martian cloud returns every spring. Scientists have discovered why.

Curiosity photographing a meteorite on Mars

Curiosity’s shadow creates a frame around newly discovered meteorites on Mars.
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

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