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MTG welcomes surgical and diagnostics hub programme expansion


The Medical Technology Group has welcomed the latest expansion of the Government’s surgical and diagnostic hubs programme, announced last week.

The government has said over 50 new surgical hubs will open across the country to help tackle backlogs and aim to get patients quicker access to procedures. The government aims to have a least 100 more operating theatres and 1,000 more beds to deliver millions more operations by giving the project £1.5 billion in funding.

Chair of the MTG, Barbara Harpham, said: “These facilities are in part made possible by the sort of technology that we campaign for in the NHS. They show that medical technology is not just crucial for the recovery from the pandemic, but also for futureproofing our health service to ensure it has sufficient capacity in the long term.

“Most importantly, we are pleased to see the Government allocate funding to these hubs based on regional needs. The extra funding for the Midlands and London corresponds to the findings in our Ration Watch campaign, which has been working to identify regional inequalities in the NHS since 2019.

“This September sees the next stage of our programme. We believe it is not only important to identify poorly performing regions to provide them with extra support, but to also champion high performing regions too – those that have succeeded against the odds in their use of innovation and innovative thinking. By learning from, and championing these trusts, we can set a new benchmark of care to ensure that every patient in the country benefits from the world class care the NHS is capable of delivering.”

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