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Lie down & listen

Lie down & listen

Sound healing and relaxation that will take you into a world of peace.

Anyone who’s experienced the magic of yoga nidra will be aware of its powerful, rejuvenating qualities – like the yogic equivalent of a power nap. Take things to the next level with a  sound healing relaxation extravaganza, one where you’ll drift off to the dreamy tones of Tibetan bowls, classical piano and harp, all within luxury, candlelit surroundings.

Classical pianist Christina McMaster founded Lie Down & Listen to bring this ultimate wellness experience to the tired, stressed-out, anxious people of 2023.

“Lie Down & Listen events are immersive sound healing experiences where the sound washes over you as you sink into a sumptuously soft mattress, simply lying down, listening and absorbing the cleansing and soul-reviving vibes,” she tells OM.

OM attempted one event at Fitzrovia Chapel, London, over the winter months. It was a success. You will re-enter London’s hectic…

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