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Jana Redwine Landfried: The Oxygen Challenge 8. Winner


Jana Redwine Landfried has participated in every Oxygen Challenge for the past five year. (Yes, this is her!) Fifth time.) She was a part of OC3, OC5, OC6 & OC7. When she was named the, Most important player in a team She was never crowned the winner—until now. Yet that grand prize was never her motivation… 

“Each time I finished a challenge, the journey itself gave me satisfaction,” Redwine-Landfried says. “So to say that I won is just icing on the cake.”

(Photo: James Patrick – jpatrickphoto)

Strong Beginnings 

Fitness has always been part of Redwine-Landfried’s life in Lubbock, Texas. She was an active teenager and competed on high school track, basketball and volleyball teams. Her athleticism caught the eyes of others;during her freshman year, a coach for the Colorado High School’s powerlifting team recruited her to be a member of their first all-women’s team. 

“It was really fun, and I saw my cross-training capabilities,” Redwine-Lansfried says. “It was a big deal, because in Texas, girl’s powerlifting was sort of far out there. It opened up my eyes that women could be strong, too.”

After becoming a mother, years later, it was even harder to stay healthy and fit.

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