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It’s Farmers Market Season…and We’re Thrilled!

It’s Farmers Market Season…and We’re Thrilled!

Rhubarb–and lots more–is in season. This lovely display was found on the Harrisburg Broad Street Market in Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg is the destination for this trip

When you hear “Farmers market”, what do you think of?

It depends on where you live.

Some towns host a Saturday market. It is usually set up on the main square or a scenic street. From clothing to baked goods; from vine-ripened apples to tomatoes, they have it all. Vendors may be local Amish families or your neighbors.

Some of these stands are on the side of seasonal roadside stalls, others operate from the backs of trucks and often in a parking area of a shopping mall.

Some towns hold weekend or daily markets. We’ve featured a few on The Food Channel before, such as the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

Well, if you want a somewhat smaller—but still excellent—version of that, try going just down the road a bit to Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market. It’s open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, perfect for winding down after a long workweek and stocking up on a few market staples.

Fresh vegetables are available. The rhubarb is in full bloom at this time of year, with its vibrant ruby-red color.

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