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For beginners: How to start strength training


Do you want to be stronger in 2023 Strength-training programs can help you gain muscle mass and improve your overall health.

Strength training requires your muscles to resist a weight or another force.  You will see a greater muscle mass, as well as increased strength and endurance.

For strength training, you can use dumbbells and weight machines as well resistance bands or your own weight.

This type of exercise is beneficial for people from all walks of the life, according to Meggan Berg, a Houston personal trainer at Life Time Champions.

“Strength training is important because it helps to improve your quality of life and ability to do everyday things,” she says.

What strength training can do for you

Strength training can make you appear buff, as most people know. Other benefits may not be as obvious.

“There are so many benefits to strength training,” Berg says.

For instance, strength training can increase your metabolic rate. “That allows you to burn more calories when resting,” she says.

Berg suggests strength training as well:

  • Helps protect joints
  • Increases bone density
  • Heart health is improved
  • Manages blood sugar levels
  • Increases muscle strength to prevent falls

“It also helps to boost self-esteem…

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