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How Tech Can Improve Health Plan Performance & Star Ratings


Paula LeClair is the US General Manager for Healthy.io

Open enrollment for U.S. healthcare plans ended recently. This was the first since pandemic-linked changes in how Star Ratings were calculated. This is a transitional period for the industry. Many health plans struggle to maintain their old ratings. Plan participants are used to home-based testing and treatment and expect those features and services to continue. New technology can be used to improve plan performance and promote better care.  

The Star Rating system, which measures the quality of care and member satisfaction in privately managed Medicare plans, helps consumers compare the benefits and costs of different plans. It has an impact on the government’s payment rates.  

Because of the unique challenges involved in collecting and delivering information, temporary modifications to the rating system had to be made during the COVID-19 epidemic. For example, plans were allowed to take the “better of” Star Ratings between 2021 and 2022 for many measures.  

Now, the pandemic relief…

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