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Heidi Talbot – Yoga, music and me


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Heidi Talbot – Yoga, music and me

Heidi Talbot: Yoga music and me

Heidi Talbot is a yoga teacher and singer/songwriter who talks to OM on how her practice has woven itself into her performances as well as her inner spirituality.

Heidi Talbot is a Scottish singer-songwriter who will be touring the UK this March. After completing teacher training with Julie Hanson of Seasonal Yoga, Talbot is a yoga instructor when she isn’t on tour. OM reached out to her for more information.

How did you get started with your yoga journey?

Six years ago was the date I began. I took two classes per week, one yin class and one vinyasa. I loved the way it calmed me. It made a huge difference in my anxiety. After a difficult period in my mental and emotional life, I woke up in December 2018 feeling completely empty. I needed to find something that would hold me over.

Although I have always been spiritual, I am not drawn to any one entity or religion.

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