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Handheld AED Receives FDA Approval

Handheld AED Receives FDA Approval

The Avive AED, a handheld automated external defibrillator, has received US FDA pre-market approval (PMA), according to manufacturer Avive Solutions Inc.

This device, weighing 2.1 pounds, is the only one on the market with Cellular WiFi GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. This connectivity suite powers Avive’s revolutionary RealConnect Technology. It’s designed to help get life-saving therapy to a person when and where it’s needed by integrating with 911 centers through a partnership with RapidSOS.  It seamlessly transfers incident data to 911 communicators, EMS professionals, and medical personnel at the appropriate time. RealConnect can also automate remote monitoring of Avive’s AEDs to ensure they are properly maintained and fully functional.

With a US mortality rate of nearly 90%, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) leads to more than 350,000 deaths annually. Avive Connect AED designed for easy placement at a variety locations. It was also optimized for maximum connectivity and extensively tested to ensure ease of use.

This product can be used by all types of organizations, including police and fire departments and higher education institutions.

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