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Gluten-free Vegan Brookies

Gluten-free Vegan Brookies

These bars are an extra decadent treat – with these gluten free vegan brookies, you get two desserts for the price of one! With every bite, enjoy fudgy brownies and chewy cookies.

It’s better to be late than never. May I present…gluten free vegan brookies.

Brookies are a combination of chocolate chip cookies and brownies. In this case, it’s in bar form. The chocolate chip cookie is on top, while the gluten-free brownie is at the bottom. In short, it’s a super delicious and decadent treat.

One thing that seems to bother my boys a little bit is when they see some kind of really over the top bakery style treat, like cupcakes with cookie dough icing, and then can’t try it because it isn’t safe for them.

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