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Gluten Free Apple Muffins (Vegan, Nut Free).


These gluten free apple muffins are so delicious and have such a great texture! Even for newbies to gluten-free baking, this recipe is simple to prepare. These muffins are delicious and soft.

Warm apple cinnamon muffins make the perfect breakfast treat or after school snack. These muffins have a delicious apple spice flavor and a light and fluffy texture that’s not always found in gluten free baked goods.

The batter is easy to mix and comes together in a single bowl. These muffins make a great snack that you can make ahead and keep in the freezer.

My banana muffins as well as these double chocolate muffins are all favorites at our house – these are good recipes to make in bulk so that you have them on hand when you need an easy snack or breakfast.

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