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Destination Hawaii: Food Channel On Location

Destination Hawaii: Food Channel On Location

The Flavor of Kaua’i

Here’s the thing about Kaua’i. There are many roads that lead to amazing food.

It’s an island that is working hard to grow more food to become self-sustainable. The high cost of import is prohibitive, but entrepreneurs across the island are working to overcome it by creating new menus, using local ingredients, and surprising even the most avid foodie. We had the opportunity to spend time there, taking in no fewer than five food tours, visiting numerous farmers markets, and more restaurants than we’d have thought possible.

Katherine, our Kaua’i Tour Guide. Photo by Paul K. Logsdon.

Kaua’i is unusual in that there is basically one road that goes around the island—and even that doesn’t go all the way around, thanks to the state park just offshore from the Napali Coast. This has allowed the island to be divided into four distinct cultures: west, north, south and west. Each region has its own unique flavor.

North, South East East, West and West

The North Shore is perhaps the area best known to the nation’s rich and famous, boasting homes and vacation stops for luminaries rumored to include John Travolta, Julia Roberts, Sylvester Stallone and Mark Zuckerberg. It’s where the Kilaeua…

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