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ChatGPT plugins: How do I get access?

ChatGPT plugins: How do I get access?

OpenAI made it clear that ChatGPT will soon be able to communicate with the outside world via an announcement Thursday. ChatGPT’s abilities will expand dramatically with the introduction of plugins.

OpenAI will soon include proprietary plugins and third-party plugins. This isn’t exciting? Here’s an example: ChatGPT doesn’t understand math because it’s just a language model. It wouldn’t need to be so bad at math if there was a calculator plugin. ChatGPT appears to be able to search the internet for information that isn’t in its model. It can also shop and find more.

A “Plugin Store” will be available on iTunes, similar to iTunes. This store will allow users to purchase third-party plugins. Demo video that shows how plugins can be installed and the need to use them is detected by the model, depending on the prompt. OpenAI announces that it can turn your to-do lists into prompts, and plugins can automate the execution and decision-making of many of your errands.

However, the world we live in is not yet here. ChatGPT plugins are not available for you to try yet.

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