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Bing now has 100,000,000 daily users


Although they said it was impossible, Bing now boasts 100 million users per day.

Yusuf Mehdi (Microsoft’s corporate vice president) shared the news via a blog. Twitter Thursday. Mehdi stated that about a third of Bing’s users are new to the site, while engagement with existing users has increased. The launch of Bing’s new Bing has prompted users to be curious about the ChatGPT-style features available on Bing and Microsoft Edge. “As more people come to use the new Bing and Edge, we’re seeing trial and adoption of new capabilities that prove out the value of an integrated Search and Chat experience,” said Mehdi.

Microsoft reminded people that Bing is still available and launched a new version for the search engine powered by OpenAI’s artificial generative intelligence. It was a bold move to try and capture some of Google’s search engine traffic. It also meant that Bing had nothing to lose. It appears that Bing might be getting the benefit of his hail Mary.


You can now fine-tune Bing AI chatbot’s personality

Comparatively to Google’s daily user count ,…

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