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Bing confirms ChatGPT style search with OpenAI. Check out the details


Microsoft has announced Tuesday a new version Bing that is “more powerful than ChatGPT.” Prometheus Model, a proprietary search technology that is “more powerful than ChatGPT,” is being powered by OpenAI creator ChatGPT.

These new features include generating more content based on prompts, providing more relevant search results, and a chat option to learn more information about search results.

Tom’s Guide was present at the event and demonstrated a video in which “someone asked Bing write an email outlining a trip for their family to Mexico (just planned through Bing), then translate the letter into Spanish.” TechRadar also described a demo in which Bing discovered egg substitutes in a recipe, and then suggested the exact ingredient in an all-natural language. Microsoft also announced integration of the search technology into Edge’s web browser Edge via an icon located in the upper right corner.


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