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BenchSci Launches ‘Map’ of Biology Research Platform for Pharmaceutical Research


What you should know:

– BenchSci, a Canadian-based tech company and leader in AI solutions for drug discovery recently launches a Google-backed ‘map’ of biology research platform, ASCEND™ by BenchSci, to understand the underlying biology.

– The patented machine learning platform reads millions of published and previously hidden experiment external and internal data sources to create a map that allows scientists to more quickly (50% more) and accurately understand the biological feasibility of new or existing pursuits, and also how to most effectively test them. Two major pharmaceutical companies are currently beta testing it, putting them at the forefront of leveraging AI enterprise-wide to advance new medicines for patients most in need.

How ASCEND™ by BenchSci Works

ASCEND™ by BenchSci helps remove barriers that result in 98 percent of pharmaceutical research investment that fails to reach patients. Scientists can use the intuitive software platform to quickly identify biological connections, reduce trial-and error experimentation, and discover risks early in order to move forward with promising projects faster. ASCEND harnesses BenchSci’s proprietary machine learning technology…

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