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A new Senate bill is being introduced to ensure privacy of health data in light Roe reversal.


A new Senate bill seeks expansion of privacy protections for health data.

After Roe’s decision was reversed, activists and data privacy specialists began warning period app users about the need to delete their apps. The app could log users’ periods. This would allow them to track their cycles and predict when they might need to test for pregnancy. Privacy experts were concerned that these apps could use data collected to identify individuals seeking abortions in states where such procedures are prohibited or criminalized. This is why the “Upholding Protections for Health and Online Location Data Privacy Act (UPHOLD),” was introduced.


How to use period apps in a post-Roe environment: What you should know

If passed, the bill will give consumers greater control over their health data. It also restricts companies from collecting or using personal health information without consent. It would also prohibit the use of personal identifying information for advertising, whether collected from consumers or fitness trackers, medical centres, or browsing histories.

Democratic Senators introduced this legislation…

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