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A Brief Guide on What to Prepare Before Applying for Medical School

A Brief Guide on What to Prepare Before Applying for Medical School

If you are interested in applying for medical school, make sure you know about the ups and downs of this roller coaster of a journey. Understand the demands of the program and your career options before applying. 

Since medicine is one of the hardest programs to join, you need to rethink if you are ready to invest your time and effort to become a doctor. 

Let’s look at some important points applicants should consider if they wish to become a physician. 

Score Great in High School

If you are serious about getting into medical school, you must start preparing early. As it is a competitive field, studying hard in high school would favor your entry. Focus on your science and math subjects and score as high as possible. 

If you seem uninterested in these subjects, you might have to consider other career options. Avoid making a haste decision and rushing into things without prior knowledge.

Participate in Volunteer Work

Being good at your medical profession is not all about studying; it also relies heavily on caring for others. While in high school, get yourself enrolled for community service.

Volunteering in the healthcare sector would be best to get an idea of how things work. Take your time to learn about the profession and do your research. After doing some volunteer work, you can decide if you want to sign up for the medical field or not. 

Prepare for the Medical College Admission Test

Get ready for a tough exam before entering your chosen program. For medical students, the MCAT includes tests on subjects like biology, chemistry, and other sciences. Moreover, other subjects are included in the MCAT, like psychology and sociology, which include questions that interpret the student’s thinking. 

Get yourself enrolled in MCAT classes to study with expert tutors, or you could join an online course for MCAT prep. When preparing, make sure to test yourself along the way to find out the weak points. Focus on the subjects that bother you the most, then slowly progress towards the easier ones. 

Be Ready to Undergo Demanding Training

You need to prepare mentally and physically for this rigorous profession. The course outline for the medical school includes medical science subjects to gain knowledge on the human body and the complexity of various diseases. 

The study involves clinical rotation and interacting with patients to gain practical experience. After graduating from medical school, you must complete a residency program in your chosen field. It includes training in the hospital and spending quite a lot of sleepless nights. While training, you will need to pass to practice medicine independently.

Balance Between Your Career and Lifestyle

Unlike other professions that allow some work-life balance, the medical profession can be a bit more challenging. With rigorous training and extensive hospital stays, managing it with other priorities like personal relationships and hobbies can be difficult. 

Students need to consider this fact before applying. But if you are determined to become a doctor, you can put your effort into planning and try your best to balance out your tasks. Here are some tips to help you in achieving a work-life balance.

  • Arrange a study group in med school to share notes and discuss topics that are hard to understand. 
  • Despite your busy schedule, take your time to rest your mind and body. With a relaxed mind, you can achieve much more.
  • Plan your day ahead, whether it be studies or other tasks, to help you be more organized. 
  • Make some time for your hobbies to help you relax and de-stress. 

Determine Your Intentions to Enter the Profession 

Think about your primary goal to enter med school. It could be to attain high social status, to make your parents proud, or passion about caring for sick people. 

No matter your intentions to enter med school, there needs to be determination and commitment toward being a doctor. Your commitment is what examiners look for when screening medical applicants. You must be motivated on every step to reach your goals with utmost effort. 

Would a Career as a Physician Be Worth it?

Before finalizing your decision, compare being a doctor with other health care professions like nurses and physiotherapists. If you aren’t interested in studying most of the time, it is better to go for other healthcare jobs that do not require a medical degree.

Pursue medicine only if you are determined and interested, as it is a demanding degree. A profession in medicine is equally rewarding and fulfilling after all the hard work. There are multiple options and specialties to choose from in medicine. 

If you do not like a particular job post like emergency medicine, then you can shift to being a general physician or another specialty that would suit your personality and work style.

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