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8 Best Cat Trees of 2022

8 Best Cat Trees of 2022

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There is one universal truth for all cat parents: cat claws love scratching up your beloved furniture. If you’re in the market for a safe space for your furballs to call their own, lounge around in and climb and scratch to their heart’s content without destroying your decor or tracking around cat litter, a cat tree may be the answer. Cat trees give your pet a new perspective and offer a high enough perch for them to look out the window, watch the world below them or just take a nap in a hidden cubby-hole. They also can be a safe haven full of games, cat toys and scratching for energetic kittens. Having a designated piece of furniture just for your cat can give them a fun place that will help encourage their feline tendencies to climb, hide, scratch and play.

The Good Housekeeping Institute regularly tests pet products, from cooling dog beds to pet cameras, to recommend the best options for your furry friends. Our product experts sifted through countless five-star options to find the best cat trees, and spoke with real pet parents to figure out the safest and best options for you and your cat. We considered sturdiness, texture, additional features, ease of installation and more when choosing our favorites. These picks are made up of our experts’ favorites and popular brands with rave reviews from real pet parents.

Our top picks:

Head to the end of this guide to get more information on what to consider when purchasing a cat tree and how to pick out the right one for you and your family. Say goodbye to torn apart curtains, scratched up couches and destroyed decor with these top cat trees of 2022:

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Best Overall Cat Tree


72-Inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Dimensions 27 x 39 x 72 inches
Weight 63.1 pounds
Available colors Cream, gray, brown, black, blue, cheetah
Materials Engineered wood, sisal, plant material, synthetic fabric

Best Value Cat Tree

Amazon Basics

Cat Tower with Hammock and Scratching Posts

Dimensions 15.75 x 19.69 x 15.75 inches
Weight 8.82 pounds
Available colors Beige, gray
Materials Jute, faux fur

Best Large Cat Tree

Go Pet Club

87-Inch Cat Tree with Swing

Dimensions 42 x 23.5 x 87.5 inches
Weight 135 pounds
Available colors Beige, gray
Materials Natural sisal rope, faux fur, pressed wood

Cutest Cat Tree


Llama Cat Condo

Dimensions 17.7 x 12.2 x 35.8 inches
Weight 10.3 pounds
Available colors White
Materials Sisal, faux fur, synthetic fabric, engineered wood

Best Modern Cat Tree

The Refined Feline

Lotus Cat Tower

Dimensions 20 x 20 x 69 inches
Weight 78 pounds
Available colors Espresso black, mahogany brown, smoke gray, white
Materials Oak veneer over bent plywood, sisal, synthetic fibers

Best Cat Tree for Small Apartments


5-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower

Dimensions 17.3 x 9.4 x 95.2-107 inches
Weight 19.2 pounds
Available colors Beige, gray
Materials Sisal, synthetic fiber

Best Unique Cat Tree

On2 Pets

Cat Tree with Leaves

Dimensions 26 x 26 x 60 inches
Weight 33.1 pounds
Available colors Plum, green, fall
Materials Engineered wood, silk, artificial turf, synthetic fibers

Best Wall Mounted Cat Tree

Archie and Oscar

Zamora 61-Inch Marciano Cat Tree

Dimensions 31.1 x 11.8 x 61 inches
Weight 27.1 pounds
Available colors Brown
Materials Manufactured wood, metal

How we chose the best cat trees

The Good Housekeeping Institute reviews pet products of all kinds, from the best dog harnesses for pups of all sizes to toys for a variety of different pets. To create this guide, our experts searched far and wide to find the best top-rated cat trees, considering their 5-star reviews, our knowledge of the brands as a whole and more. We look at each tree’s stability, price, ease of installation and more when choosing our favorite picks. We also considered trees for different situations, including narrow trees for smaller apartments and shorter trees for elderly cats who can’t jump quite as high. These picks consist of our product pros’ favorites, reviews from pet parents we spoke to and popular brands with five-star reviews.

What to consider when shopping for cat trees

✔️Size: Depending on the size of your home and the size of your cat, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the dimensions of each cat tree before purchasing. Some cats love climbing all the way to the ceiling, while older cats may be looking for a short hammock for simple lounging. Vertical trees are great for smaller spaces, while spread out kitty mansions are better for multiple cats in a larger home.

✔️Materials: Most trees are made from plywood, particleboard or solid wood (which can be quite a bit more expensive). Ensuring that your tree is sturdy is important, especially if you’re going to have multiple cats jumping all over it. Anti-tip kits for leaning towers and heavy bases for freestanding ones can help ensure that your tree won’t fall over. You’ll also want to check that the platforms on the tree have soft, durable materials that your feline friend will enjoy taking a nap on and won’t scratch to shreds in seconds.

✔️Additional features: Cat trees tend to come with a variety of additional features beyond just a place for your cat to rest. Most trees have scratching posts or pads, swinging toys attached to them and cat condos to hide away in when they’re looking for some quiet shut-eye. Some trees even have swings or ladders. Take a look at what your cat is particularly drawn to or what you already have at home.

Why trust Good Housekeeping?

For decades, the Good Housekeeping Institute has been providing expert reviews and advice on everything a pet parent needs, including cat trees. In her role as Parenting & Pets Reviews Analyst, Jamie Spain brings years of journalism experience to the Institute, having reviewed products for Good Housekeeping like pet GPS trackers and dog toys, as well as BuzzFeed, while also previously working in the parenting and pets sphere at People.

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