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Five yin-spiring spring poses

Five yin-spiring spring poses

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Five yin-spiring spring poses

Spring is the perfect time to bring yin into your life. By Imogen North

They tell me, when I ask them why they practice yin Yoga, that being still can be difficult in our modern world. Yin is an excellent way to improve your patience. Yes, yes it is. They say yin reduces stress immediately for them. It’s true. They love how yin helps them relax and relieve muscle tension. I agree – I love yin as it is a practice where I give myself permission to relax my muscles and nourish my nervous system through stillness.

It is important to me that I have a weekly routine, and recovery.

Increasing flexibility and range of motion in the body is something that many of us, less ‘flexible’ yogis, continue to work towards. What really fascinates is…

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