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5 Ways You Can Access Mental Health Treatment in California


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People experiencing mental health issues don’t want to be seen as weak. They do not want to be labeled as broken or defective. The good news is that while being stigmatized for our conditions can cause extreme stress, it also allows us to stand out and be seen for who we are. 

Mental illness is common and affects more people than ever before. One in four Americans will experience a severe mental health condition. But even though it’s on the rise, there are all kinds of ways you can access treatment in California, regardless of your financial situation or where you live. 

Here are five ways you can access the treatment you need.

  • Talk to Someone You Trust

The first and most important thing you can do to get mental health help is to talk to someone you trust. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or a therapist, someone you trust can help you identify what’s going on in your head and support you while you work on it. 

You can also ask a professional to talk to you, like a therapist or a medical doctor, to get you on the right track and give you tips on improving. If you’ve been through this, you know how important it is to have people to talk to, even if it’s just a casual friend. 

If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you can also call a South Bay psychiatrist near you. They will help you get the best care possible. 

  • Get Help From the Government

The Medicare and Medicaid programs can often provide treatment options that are less expensive than private insurance or a clinic. The only catch is that you must talk to a doctor about getting on these programs. You can go to the Department of Health and Human Services website and find a list of providers that can help you get started. 

Judicial systems also provide access to treatment options through legal matters. If you are in jail or on probation and have problems with substance abuse, you can contact a jail counselor or a probation officer to find out about treatment options.

Clinics are the most accessible way to get mental health services. They typically offer various services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and group counseling. When you’re in a group setting, you’re likely going to be with people who understand what you’re going through and are there to support you. 

Clinics also have a support group for patients going through similar experiences. You can still go to a clinic if you’re not in a group. 

They will typically have an intake desk where you can get help finding a doctor. Most clinics also have a walk-in clinic, where you can opt to see a doctor without a referral.

Support groups are a great way to get help with mental health issues. They tend to be smaller and more focused on talking about specific topics, so you get the ability to ask questions and receive more personalized help. Many support groups exist for all kinds of problems, not just mental health. 

You may want to check out drug and alcohol rehabs, support groups for people with anxiety, or parenting groups. If you feel nervous or shy around other people, you may want to start with a smaller group and work your way up.

  • Apply For Financial Assistance

If you’re lucky enough to access a bank or credit union, you can also apply for financial assistance for mental health conditions. This may be limited, but you can usually fill out an application and present it to the right person, and they will let you know if you’ve been approved for a loan. 

Some financial assistance programs provide referrals to local mental health services; others will give you a cash amount if you fill out a referral form.

Mental illness is a common condition that affects people of all ages and is treatable. Don’t let stress from mental health issues stop you from getting the help you need. By standing out and taking the necessary steps, you can access treatment and receive the care you need regardless of your financial situation.

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