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5 ChatGPT plugins that aren't worth your time

5 ChatGPT plugins that aren't worth your time

ChatGPT’s plugins have been available for a couple of weeks now, and they’re a great way to discover new ways to utilize OpenAI chatbot. There are more than 70+ plugins to enhance ChatGPT. They have a variety of uses. Mashable has a few favorites, including a Spotify plugin for creating custom playlists. Other tools include scraping a webpage and summarizing its contents from a URL, and tools to cut through the noise on real estate listing sites such as Zillow.

There are some duds among the many useful ChatGPT plug-ins. Some of them may not be quite as useful as their descriptions suggest, or add little value to ChatGPT. In theory, some of them might seem interesting, but they aren’t ready to be used. Skip these for now.


Five ChatGPT Plugins that deliver on their promises


ChatWithVideo is a plugin that uses metadata to analyze a video and provide a summary. It then answers questions about the video like “What people are saying in the comment section?” The plugin was supposed to be useful for analyzing long YouTube videos, or learning quickly about comments. However, ,…

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