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Three easy steps to relax and unwind


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Three easy steps to relax and unwind

This is a short practice that will help you get out of the ‘fight-or flight’ mode. Micaela Maddu

We are constantly confronted with issues such as family, work, and self-confidence. Our bodies are constantly in a ‘fight-or flight’ mode and we find it difficult to get back to our’resting-and-digest’ state. Stress can lead to a rise in stress levels, which is not a good thing.

The first step represents your relaxed, best state. The top step represents your most stressful and anxious. Stress is a part of our lives. If you can’t relax or feel stressed, you can climb up a rung of the imaginary staircase. Eventually, you will find yourself stuck at the top of the staircase.

When you feel overwhelmed, ,…

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