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You can’t be serious!

You can’t be serious!

Om Yoga Magazine
You can’t be serious!

Sometimes, you just can’t help but laugh on the mat. By Diane Ashfield

Yoga is something I love. I love all my students, and I take teaching very seriously. But I also have the most absurdly silly and childish senses of humor. While I do my best to keep cool, collected, professional and calm, I sometimes get a little too excited and I end up laughing out loud. Here are my top five worst offenders.

  • Snoring
    We’ve probably all done it. Lying down on our backs and making ourselves nice and comfy for relaxation at the end of class, and then before we know it, we’ve nodded off. Now it’s not the actual snoring that makes me stifle a giggle, (even though sometimes it can be as loud as a pneumatic drill) it’s when the yogi realizes they were asleep and suddenly wakes up with a start, resulting in a series of rapid grunting that resembles the mating call of a European Wild Boar!
  • Breaking the wind
    Hands up! We all must be guilty of doing…

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