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Yogic Sleep

Yogic Sleep

Yoga nidra, a simple but powerful practice that can transform lives, is an example of how yoga nidra works. By Stephen Marks

Yoga nidra can be described as a relaxation technique. It is used often at the end yoga classes. It’s a form of guided meditation that invites the body and mind to unwind in a way that mimics falling asleep.

Because of its use in sleep and insomnia, yoga nidra is often given a lot of attention.

Yoga is a holistic approach to health and healing that uses modern science to treat the symptoms of sleep disorders. The idea is that by addressing some of the more underlying causes of poor sleep – such as stress, anxiety or depression – better sleep is achieved.

Yoga nidra is a technique that helps people sleep better at night. It’s something the writer has experienced as a teacher.

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