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Yin Yoga for water elements


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Yin Yoga for water elements

Yin yoga to activate the water element

Three yin postures that encourage reflection, relaxation, slowing down and slowing things down. Gillian Davies

Traditional Chinese Medicine is strongly associated with Yin yoga. It uses the meridian lines as a structure and to tailor the practice to correct imbalances. Each season has its element, associated pair organs and emotional expression.

The water element is associated with winter, which links to the organ pairing of the kidneys and the urinary bladder. This element encourages us to take more rest, to slow down and reflect – like a pool of still water. The meridian lines run along both the back of the torso and the front of the legs. These meridian lines can be used to open up many yoga poses that support energy flow and encourage rest.

The energy of water is called yin. This is slow, dark, cool and makes it an…

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