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Yellow iPhone 14 preorder deals: The best offers on Apple's sunny new hue


It is called “mellow yellow” and it is rightly so. Apple’s favorite Apple device will be brighter: Preorders are now open for the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Plus in a new, yellow colorway.

The iPhone 14 Plus is $899 and the yellow iPhone 14 is $799. Both devices come with the same set of features as the originals.

It’s the same iPhone 14 as is on shelves. But this one is bright and cheery, the shade of deliciously tart lemons, a juicy fruit dream that could represent more colorful possibilities from Apple — maybe we’ll get a pink iPhone one day?

This is a list of the top yellow iPhone 14 preorders available from major retailers and carriers before its official launch on March 14th.

Verizon offers preorders for yellow iPhones

If you purchase the yellow iPhone 14 Plus along with certain 5G Unlimited plans, you can get it for $5 per month at Verizon. You will need to purchase the 128GB model for $899.99 with a payment plan. If you have an eligible plan, you can buy the model at full retail price. Over 36 months, you’ll get a $719.99 promotional discount. Only the iPhone 14 is available right now.

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