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Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for January 7


You made it to Saturday! We have all the answers, whether you are struggling to get through a week at work or trying to keep your holiday energy going. Wordle These clues and hints will help your January brain solve today’s puzzle.

You can skip the struggle by jumping to the end of this article for January 7’s. Wordle Solution right away. If you’d rather figure it out yourself, you can read on for some tips and tricks.

Where did it all go? Wordle where do you come from?

Josh Wardle, an engineer, was the one who originally invented it Wordle His partner said that the word guessing game is now a daily practice for thousands of people around the world. Actually, Wordle It became so popular, it was finally banned. The purchase was made by New York Times

Wordle It has also inspired Numerous fan-made clones, and alternate iterationsBattle royale, for example SquabbleMusic identification game HeardleYou can find variations of these words here Dordle Quordle This is what you’re trying to accomplish. Multiple words can be guessed at once. It has also provided There is plenty of content available for TikTok creatorsBecause sometimes it’s more fun to watch someone else solve a problem than it is to do it yourself.

You’re not the day you want? Here’s how it works Wordle Answer to January 6.

What is the best? Wordle starting word?


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