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Warm Quinoa Salad, Lentils and Roasted Veggies


Warm quinoa salad made with lentils and carrots. This salad is vibrant, delicious, and very filling. The finishing touch is a delicious green herb dressing.

A warm salad sounds so good on a chilly winter’s day, doesn’t it? Whether it’s soup or salad, I definitely prefer warm meals for lunch or dinner in the cold months.

For a variety of reasons, this warm quinoa salad is a favorite of mine. It’s filling, due to the quinoa and lentils, it’s colorful, with lots of carrots, and it’s very flavorful thanks to a tasty green herb dressing.

This meal is easy to make. It takes a little time to roast the veggies and cook the quinoa and lentils, but it’s worth it when it all comes together into a delicious gluten free meal.

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