Home Technology Two machines feature in Shawpak’s showcase

Two machines feature in Shawpak’s showcase


Thermoforming company from Derby, Shawpak, are known for creating compact, portable, and flexible machines. Shawpak is currently showcasing two machines at Med-Tech Innovation Expo. 

The launch of its new 4 Side Seal (4SS) pouch machine delivers a flexible and innovative solution for packaging flat medical products. The addition of the Shawpak 4SS machine allows the company to offer a complete portfolio of packaging solutions to customers in the medical and pharmaceutical market. Developed, designed and created by Shawpak, this packaging machine is one of the latest developments within the Shawpak portfolio.

The Shawpak 4SS is designed to pack flat products to a maximum thickness of 5mm in packs up to 600mm x 340mm and can produce outputs in excess of 4000 packs per hour. 

The second machine is a rotary thermoforming machine. The machine’s control system gives the ability to produce thermoformed packs under the strictest control and to the most demanding specifications. Its ability to process many wide ranging materials is unique and has output cycle speeds up to 25 per minute on flexible packs for single lane tools.

Shawpak are exhibiting on Stand C25 at Med-Tech Innovation Expo. 

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