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Twitter users report bugs and broken features


Twitter seems full of bugs. The exterminator isn’t going to stop by anytime soon. The signs were there. Twitter’s staff is in decline after massive layoffs in December and November. Although the company closed its Seattle headquarters in December 2013, it didn’t close before the situation became so dire that employees started to bring their own toilet paper to work. Twitter employees in Singapore were forced to leave their office earlier this week due to unpaid rent.

You can feel the absence of these workers when you use the site. The site’s features are frequently glitching or bugging out, and it is obvious that they are not there. Twitter seems to not be paying much attention to the problems users are pointing out. Instead of fixing them, they’ve been messing with features like image display and view counts — things that don’t need changing in the first place. Twitter lights are on, but who is actually there?

Here are some suggestions from users to fix the problem right now.

The video will stop playing halfway through but the audio will continue playing or the clip will restart.

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