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Twitter is having a garage sale.


Do you remember ever wanting to buy the 68 Belkin power strip that belonged to Twitter? First, let me say that you have very specific tastes. But, guess what? You are in luck.

Twitter’s sterling leader, Elon Musk, has decided to sell off its assets at its San Francisco headquarters. It is a bizarre collection of mundane and strange objects, including the large stack of power strip.

Heritage Global Partners’ online auction is still open for bids. It was interesting to see the variety of items that were available to purchase, given that tech giants have long made it a point having offices well-stocked with food, booze and fancy furniture. The current bid for the neon Twitter bird is over $35,000. Six faux leather chairs get a bid of $1,000. An @ sculpture on sale for $12,000. One Eames chair, $1,400 You can also get the industrial food smoker, which is my personal favorite, for $700.

The sale is taking place amid financial problems for Twitter which has been struggling under Musk’s…

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