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The SpaceX Starship was deliberately exploded

The SpaceX Starship was deliberately exploded

SpaceX’s gigantic rocket exploded in a fireball four minutes after it lifted off from its Texas launchpad. The rocket never made it to space.

SpaceX may not have revealed many details about the Starship’s maiden flight, but one thing is certain: it was deliberately ordered to explode.

When people are at any risk from falling debris, rockets are destroyed. Since the uncrewed tests, there have not been any reports of injuries or property damage.


SpaceX Starship is returning to the skies soon

At 9:33 AM, the rocket took off. Some of the rocket’s 32 booster engines were either out-of-order or had not ignited from the beginning. Cameras captured images of flames beneath Starship as it rose, which appeared to show that some engines had failed.

SpaceX stated in a press release that Starship had climbed up to 26 miles above ocean before losing altitude and tumbling. Then, the ship and booster, which were still attached, received self-destruct orders.

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