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The top sex toys below $50 (that are actually worthwhile using)


There are many options for sex toys available, and it is tempting to spend lots of money on them. It can be difficult to determine your preferences. And if you consider the fact that sex toys don’t typically come with a return policy (though there are some that are), then the appeal of a budget-friendly option is even more compelling.

No matter whether you are looking for your first toy or have sex all over the world, we have compiled a list of the top budget sex toys.


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Are cheaper sex toys safe?

Let’s not forget that budget-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive. This list was not compliant with quality standards. It doesn’t make sense to save a few dollars if you have to use a dangerous toy (and not in NSFW ways) to put on your genitals.

We bet you don’t want to expose your body to bacteria. So we made toys from non-porous materials such as silicone, metal, or borosilicate. Toys with more porosity can allow bacteria to thrive, even if you clean it regularly after each use.

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