Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Case study: PDD and Vitalograph’s partnership

Jamie Buckley, creative director at PDD explains how the company worked with on the design of the In2itive...

How people with multiple medication needs are being left behind

Issa Patel, CEO, CONNECT Care, explores what he feels is a crucial oversight which will...

Can technology tackle the lack of therapists?

Nicky Main, UK and Europe clinical lead for WYSA, writes about the possibilities technology...

Patient choices, outcomes and autonomy: Vital factors for new policy

In the latest of a series of articles, Chris Whitehouse, an expert on medical technology policy at Whitehouse Communications and chair...

Driving adoption of digital health innovation in 2022

Doug Biehn, chief commercial officer, Cala Health, highlights the key actors driving adoption of...

Back with a bang: Med-Tech Innovation Expo preview

Nine months following its return after the spate of COVID-19 lockdowns, Med-Tech Innovation Expo returns on 8-9 June, and...

How technology can support the back to work transition

Mark Philpott, CEO at NPH Group, writes about the role technology, including medtech, has helped people return to work.  The past...

Why are microfluidics important in medical technologies?

Microfluidics has been a rapidly growing field within a range of engineering disciplines over...
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