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Questions to ask before a Mammograms


Recently there have been some studies showcasing specific guidelines related to mammograms. This leaves many women on edge. The question is, why? With the most recent update, many have become unsure of the number of times and the “how often” of screening for breast cancer.

If you are one of them, totally confused about the questions you need to ask before a mammogram, then you are at the right place. Here, we will discuss specific questions you need to ask before a mammogram. So, let us get started:

What is the perfect age before going for regular mammograms?

Studies have shown that if you are a woman with an average risk of breast cancer, it is better for you to start having regular mammograms from the age of forty. According to the Society for Breast Imaging, it has been shown that one out of six breast cancers can occur in women between the ages of forty and forty-nine.

Some women may even develop breast cancer without being even prone to it. Some did not even have a family history of having breast cancer, and some neither did have

Dense tissue near the breast is also a risk factor for breast cancer. Thus, you may call it a stroke of sheer luck too.

Thus, as a bottom line, you can start doing mammograms at the age of forty. Whenever you feel a lump in your chest, book an appointment for a mammogram.

What is all the fuss about mammograms?

When you are in your earliest possible stage, having a mammogram as a part of your schedule helps you to know about your earliest possibilities for breast cancer. Even before you get to identify your symptoms, a mammogram will detect if you have breast cancer or not. Thus, this will help you get the treatment at the earliest.

Mammograms can even detect some of the abnormalities that are not even cancerous. This is one of the primary benefits of having mammogram appointments. Well, if you are reading this right now, it means you are probably going through some decisions regarding mammograms, so to help you on that note, if you are willing to go for mammograms even at the slightest lump, then go ahead with that.

In short, it can also be said that mammograms are a life-saver.

Can we rely on the accuracy of mammograms?

Mammograms are the best screening you can ever come across, but they do not always need to be correct. There can be many possibilities- false negatives, positives, and overtreatment or overdiagnosis. Let us see what these possibilities are:

It is often said that mammograms can miss one out of five cancers. The cancerous tissue can be mistaken during the test as dense breast tissue. Thus, there lies a possibility of false-negative

If you think too much that you may have cancer and have anxiety due to this, it might be called forth as an unnecessary act. Well, you may go and have a check-up, but repeated check-ups might not be healthy.

Overtreatment or overdiagnosis

Mammograms help you in spotting cancer. Sometimes it helps you spot whether you have cancer that needs treatment or not. Thus, you may consult a physician before you go for the treatment, as overdo of treatment can result in health hazards due to several side effects.

Final Words

Before scheduling a mammogram, always choose the best diagnostic center you can rely on. You can go to the woman imaging center, which is known to be the best. Visit them now to avail their treatment.

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