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Value frameworks as perceived by payers

Value frameworks as perceived by payers

Westrich et al. The payers’ perceptions of value frameworks are examined in 2023. Included in the value frameworks of interest:

  • American Society of Clinical OncologyASCO) Value Framework,
  • Drug Pricing Lab’s Drug Abacus (formerly Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Drug Abacus),
  • Institute for Clinical and Economic ReviewICERValue Assessment Framework and Evidence Reports
  • The Innovation and Value InitiativeIVI)’s Open-Source Value Project models,
  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN)’s Evidence Blocks

The authors conducted a double-blind, web-based survey to assess payers’ perceptions of these value frameworks. In total, 51 payers surveyed found that when choosing a value framework, the most important factor was (i) that appropriate metrics and outcomes are included, (ii), that comparative clinical efficacy information is provided, and (iii), that the results are methodologically rigorous, and unbiased.

Among the five frameworks of value, ICER (the International Clinical Effectiveness Rating), NCCN, and ASCO are the frameworks that were deemed most useful in formulary decisions. ICER is the framework most useful in drug price negotiations.

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