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Pacific Trellis Fruit now offers imported plums of special interest


LOS ANGELES, CA – Pacific Trellis Fruit, BB #:164166 a year-round grower, shipper, and marketer of premium fresh fruit, unveils four new imported specialty plum varieties.

The company is getting ready for the arrivals of high-flavor South African and Chilean plums, which will begin next month.  Under the Dulcinea premium brand, the plums will be presented in two-pound shells.  The new high-graphic labels are sure to grab attention and stand out!

“Our imported specialty plums are shaking up the category,” mentions Dan Carapella Jr., Director of Special Projects and Senior Sales Executive of Pacific Trellis Fruit. “The wildly sweet and juicy plums are available for a limited time through mid-March/April.”

The company highlights four specialty plum varieties – Lemon, Extra Sweet, Watermelon and Sugar Plums. Lemon Plums are yellow-skinned, and when ripe, they turn bright red. Extra Sweet Plums are grown in Chile and South Africa. They come in a variety of colors, from bright red to dark red to red/yellowish. South African Watermelon Plums are similar in appearance to watermelon, with their green skin and red flesh. Sugar Plums are grown in Chile and have red-purple color…

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